Using historical narratives to teach history – task (2 options)

Option A: Write a short story (500 – 1000 words) set in Ancient Egypt which makes use of everyday life features of this society.

The story subject matter is up to you but you will need to give thought to:

A timeline for ancient Egypt - by
A timeline for ancient Egypt – by

Ancient Egypt timeline

Setting – it needs to be real for Ancient Egypt. So think about the time and where you are in this society. Hint: are you in the Old, Middle or New Kingdom periods. Who is ruling? Is there conflict? How might this effect your characters’ lives?


Description Hint: have you used strong and characterising verbs, imagery that suits your character and provided details that help us see hear and feel your characters’ worlds?

Openings and closings: Does your opening hook us and give us an idea of setting and character? Does your ending resolve the character’s problems. Would a reader feel satisfied with your ending/closing?

IF you are not sure what this all means – don’t worry. We’ll be revisiting how one creates character and writes vivid descriptions and other skills you will need to create.

Option B: 

Write a report about an aspect of ancient Egyptian everyday life featured or used in the story Little Hatshepsut. For example:

Gods of Egypt – Ahmes is sheltering under cover of a roof of a shrine to Hapi.

The importance of the river Nile. Note this quote ~ ‘…you could watch the fishing boats with their nets or spearmen in the bow, or you saw a full moon ride the river and thought of sesame cakes and feasts when no work was done, or you could watch the river race and froth across the lowlands on the other side. It was Hapi’s gift; the flood with its rich silts and water

The rule of the female Pharaoh; Hatshepsut. What did she accomplish, how long did she reign, how did she reign for so long, why were her images erased from history… and more ?

Trade and business in ancient Egypt. Note these quotes: ‘the barley her family made into beer, the beer had made her family well to do…’ ‘Nitocris, whose father’s shipping trade would expedite the growth of their business…’

The status of women in ancient Egypt. Note ` ‘though we women in Egypt have a good life, it is still, in reality, a man’s world.’

Other aspects of ancient Egypt: fauna such as crocodiles [I wonder if they ever hunted them?], food stuffs they ate, anything else you identify in the story.


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