How To: Write responsibly about History or anything else.

The article about historical method on Wikipedia is excellent… I find the statement “I rarely take Wikipedia seriously” perhaps too easily dismissive, perhaps trite, maybe just too short… I know, as a teacher, what it means because Wikipedia is most students first port of call and can be both excellent and execrable. For that reason I never discourage Wikipedia as a port of call – I just don’t want it to be their ONLY port of call.

Baldwin County Historical Research Group


I rarely take Wikipedia seriously, yet a few years back I read the article below while I was killing some down time at work.  I found it to be rather excellent, even if it did come from Wikipedia.  So I give credit where credit is due.  For those who are interested in becoming an author, whether the project is small or large, there are a minimum of two things you need.

  • Read The Elements of Style (4th Edition) – If you read no other book about how to write.  This small books teaches you the basics most people overlook.  The link seen here is to the newest edition from Amazon.  The book should also be available at local public libraries.  The Baldwin County Library, Mobile County Library, and Escambia County Libraries (and others) are listed on our Resources page.  Do yourself a favor; before you attempt to write for an…

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