Using historical narrative to teach history – Peer edits and assessment

Self or peer-Assessment: Your Short Story/Process

Please do the following in order to give yourself or a peer an accurate picture of how well you feel your/the draft story is working.

1.      Write a brief description of the story’s setting.

2.      Which words has the writer used to give the best sense of this setting?

3.      Who is the main character?

4.      Draw or write a description of this character?

5.      What is the main character’s big problem?

6.      UNDERLINE at least three strong verbs used by the writer. Explain, in the margin or using comments in the reviewing toolbar, why you like these verbs and how they help you process the story.

7.      Highlight two to three images used by the writer which help you understand a character, setting or event.

8.      Comment on:

a.       The opening ~ is it effective in establishing the setting, character and the problem?

b.      The ending ~ do you feel the problem has been resolved?

9.  Do you wish to make any additional comments?


Ancient Egypt Rubric


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