Black roses – a World War I unit

Montage for WWI article. PUBLIC DOMAIN   Top: TrWWImontageenches – Image:The_badly_shelled_main_road_to_Bapaume.jpg (Trenches on the Western Front)Left Upper: Image:AlbatDIII.jpg (German Albatros D.III biplane fighters of Jasta 11 at Douai, France)Left Lower: Image:Vickers_machine_gun_crew_with_gas_masks.jpg (Vickers machine gun crew with gas masks)Right Upper: File:British Mark V Tanks With Crib Fascines 1918.jpg (British Mark V tanks)Right Lower: Image:HMS Irresistible abandoned 18 March 1915.jpg (British battleship HMS Irresistible)

Just created a quick unit using creatavist…

Here is the link:


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