hiSTORY 1 and hiSTORY 2 about to go live

hiSTORY 1 teaching cover.JPG
Front cover showing image of Battle of Zama
Cover-hiSTORY2-teaching book
Front cover – with image of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings



In the final throes of publishing (via Amazon and other on-line stores) my two short story collections for the teaching of history to Years 7 through 10: hiSTORY 1 covers ancient & medieval history, while hiSTORY 2 covers modern history from ca. 1500CE to now. All I need is a little more cosmetic tinkering and some help from Press Books regarding file errors in my ePub file. They should be coming out sometime in June; below is a list of the stories across both books. All stories come with teaching/learning activities and suggested assessment item. Remember – STORY is at least 5/7ths of history.


Contents (stories)


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