Unravelling the process

And maybe writing a story too…
Feature image is by Unknown (printed for P. Brooksby, I. Deacon, I. Blare, I. Back.) – http://ebba.english.ucsb.edu/ballad/20990/citation, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8524375

I’m in the process of trying to write a short story (but toying with maybe even a full novel) re the Gunpowder Plot of early 17th century England. A wee dig into my memory banks suggests it has all the hallmarks of a good story:

  • Themes of religious intolerance
  • Characters whose actions can be construed as working for some higher purpose, misguided or not
  • Villains
  • Tension and mystery
  • A dramatic ending to some of the players

And as part of the process of this writing I am also developing a web site entitled: Why write historical fiction? The point will be to reflect how it was done, something of a historiography procedure. And it should look something like this…

Home page of Why write historical fiction
A draft design of the home page… like all else in life it may change.



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