Post November 9

In light of Monsieur Trump’s somewhat startling win in the presidential race, I offer up this wee bit of fiction, written back in October, when the world seemed less a kilter. The extract is from my novella, ‘Trafficville ~ USA’.   Someone we think we all know comes to town     A dark-haired man, with that funny … More Post November 9

Gunpowder plots – putting flesh on ideas

Sometimes I have no strong sense of where I want to go with a story… I need to characterise my uncertainties; have characters take charge of their fates and not leave it to my vacillations. So – I START DRAFTING: here is an opening gambit; unfinished; hopefully not unpolished. I’d appreciate thoughts, criticisms, suggestions… Duplicate … More Gunpowder plots – putting flesh on ideas

The gunpowder plot story – contextualising

Plots unfold in real time and space. Characters walk around in the clothes of their time (mostly), they travel – if travel is required – in whatever way their means and social station allow them and inhabit a world whose technologies are defined by what has been discovered and known and developed before their now. Anachronisms are not permitted. … More The gunpowder plot story – contextualising

Q and A: the Gunpowder Plot

I am always astonished at how just a little research can open up so many possibilities for fictional weaving: The BBC’s  What if the gunpowder plot had succeeded?  suggests an array of alternatives to what ‘actually’ emerged from ‘the reality’ of arrests, torture and subsequent suppression of Catholicism which followed the exposed plot on November 4, 1605… … More Q and A: the Gunpowder Plot

Unravelling the process

And maybe writing a story too… Feature image is by Unknown (printed for P. Brooksby, I. Deacon, I. Blare, I. Back.) –, Public Domain, I’m in the process of trying to write a short story (but toying with maybe even a full novel) re the Gunpowder Plot of early 17th century England. A … More Unravelling the process